Learning about cultures and immersing yourself into a specific community is rewarding in itself. To do a research project and complete a documentary is more than I can ask for.


2020 Social Documentary Exhibition
Academic Paper presentation Paris, Nov 2020
2016-2019 Ethnographic Social Documentary – Khomani San Bushmen.
2018-2019 Travel Documentary Namibia & Botswana
2011-2014 – Post Apartheid Poverty
Video Editor
Public Relations
Multimedia Specialist
Social Media Content Creator
Research, Annual Reports
Marketing content creation
Community Engagement
Level 5 Medic
Worked on Aid Relief in South Africa

Professional Experience

Professional Experience
30 Years industry experience in communications, public relations, video production, documentary, photography, print, design annual reports, video magazine programme productions. Medical aid relief in Transkei, Typhoid epidemic Delmas, Bophuthatswana relief and Typhoid outbreak in Pongola. Social documentary projects on Post-Apartheid Poverty and the last remaining Khomani San Bushmen in the Southern Kalahari. I take my students once a year on my projects to work and live with different cultures, Venda, Lesotho and Kalahari. I have worked on numerous Annual report publications, research content, and analysis of curriculum. Marketing and Public Relations campaigns, print campaigns. Community outreach programmes in Lesotho, Venda, and Transkei and locally in Pretoria through different companies. Create communication presentations for companies on research and communication campaigns. I network with stakeholders in various corporate and related industries. Focus: To apply my skills in relief aid companies, NGOs, education and skills transfer. I develop curriculum and network with various stakeholders.

Since 2015 working on social documentary projects in the Kalahari. Actively involved in ethnographic research in the Kalahari among the Khomani San Bushmen. Shooting social documentaries and publishing books. Lecturing and conducting workshops in my academic field. I have produced professional social documentaries in Southern Africa on poverty, recycling and living on a landfill site. I and want to apply my knowledge and skill set to NGO’s that work with relief aid or humanitarian aid. Learning to install water catch up systems for rain water. NGOs can contact me if they need a multimedia project done or need volunteers for a project. 30 years experience in the Multimedia Communications sector, print, PR, video and photography.

Using Ethnography as part of Anthropology to accomplish my research findings are a valuable tool in such cases.

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