About Me

Exploring cultures through travel to enhance my world

Through a lifetime of work and exploring cultures through travel I have experienced beautiful places and met wonderful people along the way. I have worked in various corporations and learnt business and research skills. Every company helped shape me and my vision and made me aware of how to negotiate corporates, people and gain valuable experience.

I am fortunate to have exhibited a few times within a fine art photographic field and won numerous national and international photographic awards.  The awards are always a measure to see  if you are still competitive. I try an push myself to better my skill level as the years go on.

Through all of my travels and encounters with people and companies I have adapted to the challenges of being an academic, creating video productions and learn new skills.  We currently find ourselves in a world pandemic with Covid-19 and the challenges of teaching a practical subject matter online.

Towards New Horizons

Goals shift and change as we move along the tide we call life. We are an adaptable specie and with the progress of technology we advance to frontiers unknown for now.

I have one goal left and that is to work with NGOs that can use my skill and knowledge in storytelling and bring about positive change or education about a specific group / culture / of people.

I have training in Humanitarian relief aid, medical level 5 training and working in rural disaster areas.

The first book on the Khomani San Bushmen in the Southern Kalahari, South Africa. This was sponsored by ANFASA and the Norwegian Government.  The first book was published in 2017 and a revised version in 2018. Currently editing the coffee table book, exhibition printing of Kallitype printing methods and editing the documentary video to accompany the exhibition.

The infamous Kruiper family at Witdraai with their children. From left to right. Lydia and Izak Kruiper, me, Gert Swarts and Lydia Kruiper-Pietersen with her 2 children.

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