7000 km 4 x 4 Pretoria – Namibia Part 1

In April we took on an epic journey from Pretoria to Namibia and back going through Upington on route to the Fishriver Canyon, Luderitz, Kolmanskop, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Henties, Cape Cross, Uis, Brandberg, Etosha, Windhoek, Quiver Tree forest and out back to South Africa via the Kalahari – Van Zylsrus Hotel.  We did all of this in 18 days

Dead Vlei in Namibia  pan located near the more famous salt pan of Sossusvlei, inside the Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia. We left Upington on the 9th of April and the previous night there was a massive thunderstorm across the Kalahari and all along the road were massive puddles of water. Entering Namibia, it was evident with all the wild flowers next to the road that they had much rain the previous few weeks. Leaving Karasburg we drove through Grünau on the B3 and what a beautiful dirt road. Wide open roads with beautiful vistas and hardly any traffic.   We turned away at the junction on our way to the Roadhouse Canyon and the road turned ugly. We bounced around in the little Defender 90 and we had to choose our line through the sand and stones.  It was badly corrugated due to the busses travelling at high speed on these roads.  The Roadhouse Canyon is an oasis in the middle of nowhere and everybody stops here for the interesting old cars and memorabilia in the shop.  It is worth your while to stop here on your way to the Fishriver Canyon.   After our stopover we bounced on again to Hobas where we stayed the night. We visited the Fishriver Canyon lookout point and it is spectacular.
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Collage of images on day 1

That night while we sat in front of the open coals at the camping site  we were harassed by a big owl, that figured out there is fresh and free meat when people braai.  The owl was intimidating and not scared of humans. It was hot that evening and on the horizon a massive thunderstorm again. The next morning we filled up at The Roadhouse Canyon and we turned towards Aus.  Along the road we had to negotiate our way through big pools of water and mud. Some tourist in smaller cars had to walk around the pools of water to find a shallower path through.  It was a very long day on the road.  We filled up at Aus and saw quite a few of the famous desert horses and some Oryx on our way to Luderitz. The next morning we left for Kolmanskop and what a beautiful wind still day. We joined the English tour group and made our way through the buildings. Always a lot of people and at 11:00 the wind started to come up.  We were very lucky to have no wind at all and it presented some beautiful photo opportunities. We retreated for lunch to the local tea room and ordered the coldest beer they had available. We went back to Luderitz and drove around Shark Island and Diaz and visited the harbour for some well-deserved sea food. The next morning we woke up to heavy mist, you could see 5 meters in front of you. We drove back past Kolmanskop and you could barely see the entrance. We were now on our way to Sesreim.
Part 2 to follow

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