7000 km 4 x 4 Pretoria – Namibia Part 2

Our journey continuous as we are on our way to Sesriem, Sossuvlei.

We were now on our way to Sesreim, Sossusvlei and again beautiful dirt roads.  We used a GPS map we bought from Tracks 4 Africa and it was 90% accurate in estimating arrival times.  We stopped a few times when the GPS said hours to our destination and we double checked on a good old paper map and used that when we were not sure.  We were lucky throughout the trip the GPS were accurate and for peace of mind we also had a satellite phone with us.  We wanted some extra peace of mind and we rented a satellite phone. We arrived around 15:00 at Little Sossus Lodge our accommodation for the next 2 days. It is a beautiful place to stay and that evening we had a well-deserved Gin and Tonic next to the swimming pool. For dinner they served a 3 course meal while there was a thunderstorm on the horizon.

Click on the link for a timelapse video. https://vimeo.com/293380106

The next morning we had to be at Le Mirage Resort & Spa at 6:00 to hop onto our transport for the hot air balloon ride. It was spectacular seeing two hot air balloons being prepped for the morning flight. Each balloon can take 16 people and we hopped in with some locals from Upington we met in Luderitz. Within a few seconds we were 500m in the air, you do not notice when you lift off and there is no wind. Swiftly we were at 1000m and it was spectacular.  We were drifting over the dunes and the first time ever I saw the famous fairy circles form the air. There I still a heated debate among researches on the origin of these. We were in the air for more than an hour and slowly descended to be treated to a champagne breakfast in the desert. They even cut open the champagne bottles with a sword.

It was worth every penny and a must on every bucket list! We drove into the park and it was around 12:00 when we started our trek across the hot sand to Deadvlei. Because it was so hot, when I arrive at Deadvlei, most of the tourists have left and I had a ball of a time photographing without any people in my shot. I spent some time walking around and taking photos and just drinking in this beautiful site. There was no sound and no wind, just the immense heat and hot reflection from the sand on my face.

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