The beauty of remote places

Visit remote places to charge the soul

The whole idea of travel is to explore and learn from others, such as try new food, sleep in less curated dwellings, live with the locals and appreciate the smaller things in life.

We do want the luxuries we encounter with our daily lives but it is also a good living ethos for me to try and go off the beaten track. Not to proof to anyone that I can do it, but to appreciate what we have on earth. We are slowly but surely suffocating this beautiful planet of ours so that big corporations can gain more capital. Have we become so dependent on big conglomerates and what they can provide to make our lives easier that we forget to say thank you to the ground we can walk on. In one of my interviews with the Khomani San Bushmen, Izak Kruiper said “every morning I greet all my plants, ask them how they are, see to it that they are healthy, he did not plant them, God made them and you need to be respectful towards earth.”

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