The Best Thing about Darkroom work

This falls under a dying breed of people with the knowledge and expertise to print in  a darkroom and produce stunning darkroom prints. I still shoot black and white film and develop that myself.  I sold my medium format Mamiya a year ago to add to my video DSLR rigs. If I shoot a slide film.. still the best quality I have  special guy that used to work on the first 007 James Bond movies and added special effects by hand.

Darkroom is like the elite of the elite and if you have mastered this you are part of a dying breed!

Today in the current education situation we only go as far as teaching young students pinholes.  From making a pinhole from a tin, spraying it black and drilling the hole and then using prestik to attach the paper and expose for about 15-30 seconds and then go into the darkroom and print…!

That first print in the darkroom…

I think for me the magic happens when you put that blank piece of photographic paper into the developer and you see that first image appear.. MAGIC

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